About us

JamCopters is the leading company in the Czech Republic that offer complex aerial services using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Depending on our rich knowledge and experience, we offer a unique set of aerial services since 2010.

JamCopters Team consists of designers and filmmakers with real long-term experience. Technology solutions unmanned aerial vehicles, professional pilots, international award, authorization to operate UAVs according Czech legislation and the knowledge industrial applications allow us to offer You professional results of our work.

„I am sure that shots from drones wouldn't be used in the Czech cinematography so much if there would not be Jan Dojčán, a pilot of great quality who started this here. Unfortunately there is not enough pilots of Jan’s quality to keep making this amount of footage.“

– Pavel Berkovič, Association of Czech Cinematographers


We offer a unique combination of camera equipment and sensors that we can apply on our drones. We own camera, photo and industry equipment (RED Scarlet M-X, DJI X5R, DJI X7, Phase ONE, thermal imaging camera FLIR). As the first one in central Europe, we've used camera equipment of the RED company (Red Epic, Mysterium X) on the drones made in our workshop. We offered to our clients a new perspective on aerial shots in the film industry. We also applied aerial thermography for industry and Czech security forces abroad in peacekeeping missions.

If we fail to realize Your requirements and vision, nobody else will...

100% reliability

Not only that we own the latest technology, but we have great filmmakers, operators and designers. Our drones offers unmatched reliability with emphasis on comprehensive redundancy, this means we always have spare drone in adequate quality. As manufacturers we know our equipment to the last screw. It increases our competence, reliability and quality. 

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