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Our company has been offering services of professional aerial shots for the advertising and film industries since 2010. Our drones allow for safe flying with cameras such as RED EPIC and ALEXA MINI with film object lenses, including distance zoom. It was us as one of the first companies in Central Europe to offer this technology to clients. For specific projects we can also use smaller vehicles that offer professional image quality thanks to uncompressed recording and up to 4K resolution.

Diversity FullHD image transfer is a matter of fact, including outputs for the director. We use the state-of-the art DJI Ronin-MX gimbal stabilizer with dual control electronics, etc., which makes the resulting shots 100% stable and not requiring additional modifications. Owing to the integration with the drone control unit it also eliminates the typical horizon tilt associated with dynamic flying. We can fly a fully loaded drone for up to 18 minutes, having a sufficient number of batteries available for a full-day operation.


Not only do we offer flawless shots, we primarily provide our knowledge, experience and equipment of one of the oldest companies in Czech Republic. International Vimeo Staff Pick Vimeo Staff Pick awards for the FIREFLY and INSIGHT videos are just one of our many references.

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