Our equipment

We have a wide range of unmanned vehicles: universal quadcopters, special-purpose vehicles for industrial applications, and heavy-lift copters for flights with state-of-the-art filming equipment; autonomous aircrafts with airfoil-shaped wings are a separate category. We do not limit ourselves to a particular platform or manufacturer and, thanks to our experience and equipment, we can modify our devices and prepare them for specific purposes. Thus, we can safely implement the most challenging orders without technical compromises.



Drones for aerial photography and cinematography



Film lighting with a drone

Sales, development and service of drones

We will deliver a drone or a comprehensive pilotless system tailored to your needs, from initial consultation and helping you in your selection, through training and handover in the air, to the maintenance and service. We deliver products of leading brands, including DJI, Tarot, 3D Robotics, Gryphoon Dynamics and others. If your requirements exceed the possibilities of serial vehicles, we can develop unmanned vehicles and components tailored to your needs and in the highest possible technical quality.



DJI, Gryphon Dynamics, Gremsy, Lilliput


Repair and development services

Design and integration of custom drone solutions

Professional training, UAV licensing

We organize tailored professional trainings for individuals, companies and government institutions. We can train you in basic theory, flying, legislative framework, as well as more complex topics regarding the use of drones in film-making and industrial areas. If you wish to register your drone and obtain a licence for aerial operations, we can produce the necessary flight manuals and fully represent you in proceedings with the Civil Aviation Authority.



Flying, legislative framework, UAV applications


Obtaining licence for aerial operations

Preparation of documentationand proceedings with the CAA

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