Aerial Panoramas

360° virtuální prohlídky

360° spheric panorama depicts the entire surroundings and may be further processed into the so-called virtual tour, allowing interactive viewing of the scene. To this purpose, we have developed an on-line application allowing you to simply view, present and share the virtual tours or post them at other websites wherever you are.

Aerial virtual tour of Čenkovice skicenter.

Virtual tours

  • Use - the virtual tour immediately provides the viewer with the notion of the presented place. Virtual tours may well be used to present tourist locations, municipalities and towns, entertainment or sports grounds, real estate, industrial zones, monuments and others. In addition, this service is used in architecture and design, regular construction monitoring as well as a form of visualizing in study materials.
  • Features - in addition to the actual looking around, the scenes may be populated with comments, links, sounds, photographs, own graphics or other interactive features. Interconnecting individual locations, allowing them to be toured, and adding a map of the given area to facilitate navigation between the tours, are a matter of course.
  • Tailored to your needs - for your company or institution we offer branding tours to the graphic identity of the company, creating specific features as well as the production of an integrated microsite with 360° tours.

JamCopters 360°

  • Our solution - JamCopters 360° is our own platform for visualization of virtual tours and their sharing. Owing to the independence of third-party software we can implement features and designs that are precisely tailored to the needs of each customer.
  • Use - the virtual tour may be simply included on your website without its upload to hosting. It may also be used as a 360° photo on Facebook or as part of the Google Street View.
  • Modern technology - secure and modern HTML5 implementation without plug-in modules and responsive design guarantee correct tour viewing on all devices, from mobile phones to smart TVs.
  • In-house infrastructure - we possess our own server equipment in one of the best quality data centres in the Czech Republic, which guarantees high data transmission speed, data security and nonstop availability.
Virtuální prohlídka Brno Špilberk
Virtuální prohlídka Radhošť
Virtuální prohlídka lom Rudice

More virtual tours on JamCopters 360°.


We produce aerial panoramic photos by stitching together several photos in one in order to obtain a wide angle shot or a high resolution image used, for instance, in large format prints.

panorama Starý Hrozenkov
panorama Skiareál Čenkovice
Panorama Brno
Panorama Zbrojovka Brno
panorama lomu Mokrá-Horákov
panorama Brno Hády







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