Aerial Photography

Thanks to modern drones we can take photos from so far unseen perspectives and with a unique visual style while comparable results may not often be achieved even with a classic airplane or helicopter. Our technology is designed to accommodate remote controlled tilt-shift lenses or professional medium-format devices, at this moment considered specialty gear, to be used in the air. This helps us to continuously push the limits of aerial photography, without any technical compromises, safely and legally.


Beskydy winter aerial photo
Brno aerial view
Lago Predil Itálie aerial
Slovenia aerial view
Lago Predil, aerial
drone photo Kroměříž Garden
Brno Arms factory drone photo
Brno Petrov aerial photo
Brno Lesná aerial photography
Seč quarry
Slovenia Bled
Brno Královo pole
Road at Červenohorské sedlo
drone photo

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