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Aerial Inspection of PPP

Termografická inspekce FV panelů pomocí dronu

We inspect Photovoltaic Power Plants (PPP) by an unmanned drone equipped with a typical RGB sensor and a built-in thermal camera. Such a combination enables a comprehensive inspection in both the infrared and the visible spectra. The former may identify typical defects which demonstrate themselves as spots of increased temperature, and the latter may detect mechanically damaged panels.

Image Processing and Defect Identification

Model FVE a vyznačené závady

The output of the inspection is a detailed report as well as an orthophotomap of the entire power plant with precisely marked defects. You can intuitively inspect the thermal camera and RGB sensor data of each panel and compare the layers. The layer of images in the visible spectrum may be at a resolution of up to 1cm per pixel and, optionally, a 3D model of the entire PPP can be made.

Online Data

JamCopters SkyView - nástroj pro prohlížení a analýzu výsledků inspekce fotovoltaické elektrárny

In online interface , inspection results are available from anywhere using a PC, tablet, or phone, without the need to download the entire data package. The browser shows a list of all defects and their location in a PPP map, including the location of the vehicle. Therefore, it helps to quickly identify a defective panel in the PPP premises.


Advantages of Drone-Based Inspection of PPPs

  • Short inspection time - lower time consumption as compared to classic manual imaging
  • Possible use - inspection of hardly accessible areas, i.e. panels on sloping roofs
  • Operative inspection - fast preparation and conduct of the flight as well as online access to up-to-date data
  • Automatic flight - possibility to periodically repeat imaging using identical flight parameters
  • Comprehensive output - including a map and a 3D model of the entire PPP with clearly marked defect locations

Typical Defects

  • Defective cells and panels
  • Mismatch of panels in a string
  • PID degradation
  • Defective by-pass diodes
  • Mechanical damage

Inspection of PPP

Diagnostics of photovoltaic power plant panels using a thermal camera can quickly identify spots of higher temperature, also known as hotspots; they arise as a result of a defect or damage to a silicon cell or other PPP components and usually cannot be detected by a mere visual inspection of the panel. The combination of a thermal camera and an unmanned vehicle cuts down the inspection time to a few dozens of minutes and the operator obtains a comprehensive thermogram of the entire power plant in the form of a map and a 3D model with exact coordinates of defects. It includes a detailed high-resolution map in a visible spectrum for inspecting mechanical damage to panels.

The orthophotomap can be interactively moved and the scale can be changed using buttons. The scrollbar changes the ratio of images captured by a standard or thermal camera.

The orthophotomap can be interactively moved and the scale can be changed using buttons. In the top right corner you can activate measuring of points, lengths and areas.

Interactive 3D visualisation of solar park - data from drone inspection

Interactive 3D visualisation of solar park in IR spectrum - data from drone inspection

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