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  • Professional training - comprehensive several days' tailored training for commercial entities. From theoretical preparation, through legislative framework, to piloting and performance of aerial works.
  • Advanced topics - special trainings focusing on uses in film-making and industrial areas.
  • Training at the time of purchase - we will inform you about important aspects of your New Aerial Vehicle right in our shop and assist you with the first start.
  • Facilities - We use the facilities of one of the state-of-the-art airports in the Czech Republic, with a training room and with the possibility of accommodation.

Licence Preparation

vyřízení povolení k létání a licence k leteckým pracím
zastoupení při jednání s ÚCL
  • Full representation - the fastest and easiest way to obtain a licence for flying an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and, then, a licence for performing aerial works.
  • Flight manual - we offer production of a comprehensive manual which is necessary for obtaining a licence, including appendices.
  • Preparation for exams with CAA - if you are to be examined by ÚCL, we will prepare you for the theoretical examination as well as the practical flight examination.
  • Insurance - Having registered a large number of aerial vehicles, we can offer more convenient prices with regard to statutory liability insurance of the vehicle, possibly in combination with accident insurance.

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