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We have been the first to offer a comprehensive assortment of unmanned aerial vehicles and accessories in the Czech Republic. We offer a comprehensive assortment of the world's largest manufacturer of drones DJI. We represent the manufacturers of Gryphon Dynamics copter heavy-lift frames, manufacturers of Gremsy stabilized camera heads and Lilliput imaging technology, and other brands in the Czech Republic. We will help you with your selection and give you initial training.

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Drones for beginners pilots

Prodej hobby dronů

We offer a full range of DJI hobby products for beginner pilots, cameramen, travellers and industrial researchers, including in particular the DJI Phantom and DJI Mavic product line drones. Customers do not only buy a drone from us, they also buy support and well-researched information on unmanned aerial vehicles. We can teach you how to fly, show you how to properly work with the aerial image composition, how to set a camera properly, how to use and make the best of a given type of drone for film applications, and a lot of other comprehensive knowledge.

You can also come and see us at any time and learn new information in the area of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles even if you do not need a new drone.

Drones for professional use

Prodej profesionálních dronů

Precision, knowledge of applied aviation, electronics and construction, professional approach - these are our basic characteristics thanks to which we have become a professional supplier of ready-to-fly drones in the Czech Republic and other European countries. We are pioneers in the area of application of unmanned aerial vehicles in the Czech Republic. We have constructed the first octocopters in Central Europe which could fly with RED EPIC film cameras, applied the first thermal cameras on unmanned aerial vehicles, and used the first autonomous drones to protect Czech clients in dangerous Far East countries.

We will help you make the best choice, configure, assemble and use your drone. We guarantee a flawless and professional operation.


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Gryphon Dynamics




We have facilities and equipment for comprehensive service of DJI, MikroKopter, Gryphon Dynamics and other drones, from routine operational maintenance, through setting of control units and gimbals, to comprehensive diagnostics and repair after an accident. Thanks to our long-term experience in servicing most types of drones, optimum inventory and quality parts, we can offer the best possible quality of services in our market.

Service of Crashed UAVs

Opravy dronů

Has your drone had an accident? We offer a well-equipped service for repairing DJI professional-range products. At first sight, it usually looks worse than it actually is. In the event of an accident, we will kindly assess the damage, recommend an appropriate type of repair in terms of quality and cost, provide the necessary spare parts, and service the drone.


All-Year-Round Preventive Inspections of Drones

Servisní prohlídky dronů

Regular service checks ensure flawless and long-lasting operation and reveal defects which can have fatal consequences. Leave service checks to experts who know what to concentrate on and how to analyse individual components and the drone's behaviour. We often reveal small details which may cause a fall of your drone in the long run.



We modify available serial vehicles and develop our own unmanned platforms for specific uses. We develop timeless solutions with an emphasis on a perfect technical design, system integration of all components, and user friendliness. When doing so, we use our knowledge of classical aviation design and avionics as well as our experience in the development of unique Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for both commercial customers and government institutions in the Czech Republic and all of Central Europe.

Special-Design Drones

Vývoj bezpilotních prostředků

To satisfy all requirements for drones of various functional types and designs, we often have to design and manufacture a special solution. From a 3D design of functional parts and mathematical strength analysis, through milling and manufacturing from composite materials, to a specific setting and functionality of the control unit - we know how to do all this and offer professional quality. For example, the figure above shows the construction of our hexacopter using DJI M600 drone duralumin parts. The design was based on a client's requirement to use the drone for industrial inspections, with an emphasis on photographing from below when checking bridge structures.

Special Camera Technology

Konstrukce a vývoj filmové techniky

The development and use of camera heads on drones gave rise to new types of integration in the film and advertising environment in which they got firmly rooted. Thanks to our knowledge we are often asked to design car mounts, jimmy jibs, cable cams, and other professional film and photography equipment. The figure shows a car mount for film cameras featuring precise three-axis stabilization, remote control and image transmission. It is equipped with built-in shock absorbers to eliminate transmission of vibrations between the vehicle and the camera.


DJI M600 v RTF konfiguraci s termokamerou Wiris
Jamcopters hexakoptára pro 360° průmyslové inspekce
3D model středu koptéry včetně pevnostní a hmotnostní analýzy
DJI S1000 s integrovanou termokamerou Wiris Workswell
M600 a integrace termokamery Wiris do DJI RONIN-MX
Heavy lift varianta Gryphon Dynamics rámu s brushless kamerovou hlavou pro RED Epic a Alexa Mini
Jamcopters konstrukční řešení heavy lift octocoptery se sklopnými rameny
JamCopters kamerová hlava
JamCopters DJI S1000 s implementovanou termokamerou WIRIS
JamCopters upgrade DJI S900 na pohonný systém DJI E1200 s Ronin-M
Konstrukční řešení sklopných ramen na heavy liftu oktokoptéry
Integrace Sony A7SII do brushless kamerového upraveného držáku Tarot. Dron hexacopter DJI S900 s E1200
JamCopters heavy-lift a RED EPIC
koaxiální řešení dronu pro testy AČR v zahraničí
JamCopters kamerový držák
JamCopters Safira





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